The AQUAVAS Sun LED Light Fixture is designed to provide perfect, clean light to any aquascape. Run half or full power or a combination throughout the photoperiod for total control. High power, high efficiency, low heat, and long life.

At 8000K the Sun LED will no doubt handle any aquascape or aquatic plant combination you can dream up. Lower light, mixed, or fast growing stemmed plants, the option to use only half the light at a time will give you sufficient versatility to dial in your desired photoperiod. Thinking of a hardscape-only aquascape? Nice. Run the Sun LED at half power, only when you are enjoying the tank/fewer hours per day and it's perfect. For hardscape-only layouts we like the addition of a simple remote control so it's easy to turn on/off, just when you want the lights on. And should you decide to do a full live planted layout, you will always have that full-power option with the Sun LED.

In our experience, LED light does not translate quite the same as far as the traditional "watts per liter" formulas used with other lighting types (such as fluorescent or metal halide lamps). So while perhaps not appearing blindingly bright to the eye, we have grown lush aquascapes with the Sun LED at only half (3 lamps) power full time (i.e. never running all 6 lamps at once). But aquascape management and techniques vary from hobbyist to hobbyist –as do their individual layout goals– thus making the option for a midday boost of light or to run a really high-light system with all 6 lamps throughout the photoperiod quite useful. Maybe your first aquascape is lower light, easy to grow plants and 3 lamps is ideal, but should you get the urge to push the limits and step into higher light, more demanding plants and layouts, with the Sun LED you can feel confident that power and intensity will never be an issue.

The hanging cable for the Sun LED fixture is 1,5m (59 in) in length, just in case you want to suspend it from the ceiling as opposed to attaching to the Arm Steel support structure. Should your custom suspension application require longer length, you can easily replace the hanging cable with a longer one. And on the subject of the cable, you will notice we save some extra length (probably too much, but you never know) and wrap it around itself, as you can see in the photos and videos. This is just our way of doing it - feel free to trim it back or come up with your own clever ways of routing the excess. It is probably good to hang on to a little extra slack just in case you feel like raising or lowering a Sun LED suspended from Arm Steel.