Very early on the notion that the individual components of the line were really designed to go together was quite apparent. The idea of a full system approach versus offering the individual products just made sense. The reaction from others was mixed at first, wondering why they would not be able to buy just a set of the sleek Steel Flow Pipes, or a Sun LED light fixture. But in our view, a focused, well-designed system is what most of us seek when trying to configure an aquarium with presence and purpose. We desire an aquarium that will look like an amazing piece of design in the space and also be perfectly suited for higher level aquascaping. We want great components that work perfectly together, and we want the hardware– the aquarium architecture– to be sublime. So rather than submitting our line to the usual, predominantly random process most people go through in trying to piece together a great system, we chose to offer it complete, turnkey, no guesswork and ready to focus on the thing we really want an aquarium for in the first place– creating wonderful aquascapes. You will find we have already included freight shipping in the price, making the purchase process as straightforward as possible. We sincerely thank you for your interest in AQUAVAS. We work hard to be a different kind of aquarium company from anything you may have experienced in the past, and our production philosophy allows us to focus on far more personal relationship for each and every AQUAVAS customer. There is a body of knowledge, experience, and so much inspiration that we simply can't wait to share. From all of us at AQUAVAS, we warmly invite you to come grow with us.