The AQUAVAS Canisteel Filter is designed for exceptional filtration capacity and volume. Perfectly balanced for performance and aesthetics, it is truly the heart and soul of a complete freshwater aquarium system.

The Canisteel Filter has a wider diameter for massive filtration/media surface area and the pump is a magnet drive IWAKI – the venerable Japanese brand known for supreme reliability.

From a complete system perspective, stainless steel complements the look of an AQUAVAS system like no other material could. Hose connection clamps are included for added piece of mind should you desire it, though we personally have not needed them. Our 15mm tubing (included) is a perfect balance between fitting the 1/2 inch (approx. 13mm) hose connections on the pump, and the 17mm Steel Flow diameter on the Steel Flow pipes. You get a nice, snug fit on both without needing two different tubing sizes. Use of the hose clamps is recommended if you are at all worried about slow-drip leaks or possible damage to floors should a connection become loose. The 65 cm and 90 cm aquarium systems come with Canisteel S, while the 120 cm uses the bigger Canisteel M.

Canisteel S specs: max. capacity 3.1 gal/min., max. head 6.8 ft., Current 0.35A, Output 1/125HP, Frequency 60Hz (for Europe 50Hz), Speed Rating 2900rpm cont.

Canisteel M specs: max. capacity 5.0 gal/min., max. head 11.1 ft., Current 0.29A, Output 1/75HP, Frequency 60Hz (for Europe 50Hz), Speed Rating 3000rpm cont.