The AQUAVAS Movel Wood Cabinet elevates the conventional aquarium stand to quality furniture status. Real aquariums deserve a real wood cabinet stand, and the elegant simplicity of the MOVEL put it in a class of its own. The name “MOVEL” is a nod to the historic, modern fine furniture factory in Portugal where it is manufactured.

After a lot of analysis we settled on a height of 75cm for our stands. Other production rimless tank stands struck us as being a bit too low, and we wanted to give our systems a bit more prestige in the space. A 75cm height strikes a great balance between viewing the aquascape from either a standing or seated position.

The Movel features openings on both sides so you can run power cords and the Steel Flow filter pipes on either side. Some aquascapes naturally imply the flow of water come from one side or the other. Where the aquarium is placed in the room can be factor for which side the filter pipes should be on as well. Sometimes one side just feels right over the other.

Early on we were asked a lot about the decision to not manufacture the original Movel Elite stand originally part of the Natural Aquario product range. For us it's about options. While the Movel Elite did look awesome in photos, we found that from a practical standpoint, having to squeeze the filter and CO2 system onto one side of the stand was not ideal. Additionally, it eliminated the useful option to have the filter pipes on the side that made the most sense for the aquascape (or the room). We would rather have maximum functionality as it relates to our layout or interior space as opposed to some sliding shelves and a drawer.

Another small but important detail is the 5 millimeter of width added so the stand is just slightly wider than the tank. This accommodates any tiny imperfections that are more or less inherent to the construction of rimless glass aquariums. Only from the most close-up view is this even barely noticeable. The desired effect of a tank that fits flush to the stand is still absolutely achieved. From even a few feet back, its almost impossible to notice.

Made from a solid plywood construction, the quality and durability of the Movel Wood Cabinet is truly a cut above most standard production aquarium stands. And the decidedly neutral matte Zinc Gray finish is super versatile. We can't hide it– we are modernists at heart, but the clean lines, muted color palette, and straightforward design of an AQUAVAS can quietly integrate into any decor.