The AQUAVAS Clear Canvas aquarium tank is designed with simplicity and purity of form in mind. We use only the finest quality silicone and highest clarity glass available to provide you with the ultimate vessel for bringing any aquascape to life.

What else can we say about the Clear Canvas? It's simply a gorgeous union of five pieces of pure Opti-White glass, made by hand, by us, one at a time. We will admit to the occasional, minor imperfection – any rimless tank manufacturer that doesn't probably is not being totally honest. It's just the nature of this type of tank construction. But we closely inspect each one before it leaves that factory and you can be sure that anything we let pass is neither a threat to structural integrity nor visual pleasure.

Every Clear Canvas tank comes with a comfortable 3 year warranty, a foam protection mat for placing between the tank and the stand, and a super minimal 3mm Opti-White glass top with acrylic support clips. Use of the glass top is definitely optional, and we generally don't use it because we love the added top-view dimension, but certainly it's a practical matter for many so it's good to know you will already have one should you want or need to use it.